We want our guests to enjoy the best of the best in our beautiful the Colchagua Valley.

Laura Hartwig Vineyard

The tour begins with a brief description of the Colchagua Valley, the vineyards and the history of the Laura Hartwig vineyard during a horse and carriage ride (with prior reservation). Then you enter the pond room, where the winemaking process is explained. Next, the barrel room is visited. Finally, the tour ends with a wine tasting.

Viña Lapostolle

Under the dedicated vision of Alexandra and Cyril, Lapostolle Wines has been a pioneer in the wine industry in Chile. Today its wines continue to elevate the region through the production of premium wines, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Lapostolle Wines are recognized throughout the world for its quality and its extraordinary ability to express the Chilean terroir.

Viña Santa Cruz

The millenary culture of Oenology is present in the Colchagua Valley, and Viña Santa Cruz offers an unforgettable experience in order to tell its secrets sip by sip in its unique tours and tastings.
Open 365 days of the year. Get to know the place where the body connects with the soul.

Viña Neyen

Neyen is a testimony of the place and the people. Learn the ways of the land, allowing the origins to prevail. More than one hundred years of experience have been passed on from generation to generation, making their wines a true reflection of Apalta’s spirit.
Neyen is more than an assembly of Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere. It is a meeting between the new and the old world; a powerful interpretation of the property.

Viña Viu Manent Vineyard

Enjoy the entertaining tours that will allow you to learn the history of Viña Viu Manent. Visit its vineyards, winery, and guest center.
The vineyard is open from Monday to Sunday between 10:00 and 18:00 hrs.

Viña Montes

Visit its mystical Feng Shui designed winery, taste its best wines. Undoubtedly, an unforgettable experience, cataloged by Trip Advisor as one of the unforgettable panoramas in the Colchagua Valley.

Viña MontGras

A vineyard with soul. That is MontGras and it has been forged since its conception with a clear goal: to consistently create world class wines, from the best terroir in Chile. In a hour and a half you will learn about vineyards and winemaking processes, ending with an interesting tasting of wines paired with delicious snacks.

Viña Estampa

Get to know the winery through the different tours characterized by personalized service or visit the store / tasting room directly to enjoy the wide range of assembly wines offered by Estampa.

Enoteca Colchagua

Some of the most recognized vineyards in Chile are located in the Colchagua Valley. The most awarded, outstanding, and recognized labels of each of these vineyards have been gathered in the cellar and bar of the Enoteca Colchagua. In Enoteca Colchagua, you can taste and enjoy both red wines, white wines, rosé, and other regular assemblies of this valley. Which can be harmonized with the dishes and desserts of the Restaurant Los Poetas.

Carthographic Museum in Hotel TerraViña

More than six hundred maps and engravings, the oldest dating from the fifteenth century. What was once a private collection is now on show to the public. Rubén Palma, the collector in charge of the exhibition is responsible for guiding you through the maps and engravings. These are the first impressions and representations of flora, fauna, geography and inhabitants of a newly born Chile.